Glen Spielmans, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Metropolitan State University



Dr. Spielmans' interests include the following:

Publications and Curriculum Vita

Please click the corresponding link to see Dr. Spielmans' CV in .pdf format. By accessing his CV, you can access abstracts, and in some cases, full text of his publications by scrolling to the publication section of the CV document. Should you wish to receive the full text of any article listed on the CV, just email Dr. Spielmans.

Selected Research Findings

Dr. Spielmans' research has found the following:

Student Researchers

Dr. Spielmans has worked with students on many of his projects, some of which have been presented at local undergraduate and national conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals, including Clinical Psychology Review, PLoS Medicine, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, Psychotherapy Research and the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. If you are a student who may want to work with Dr. Spielmans on a project, contact him via email. He prefers to work with students who have performed well in both a statistics course and a research methods course, but is willing to speak with anyone who is interested in conducting research.

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