Glen Spielmans, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Metropolitan State University
651-999-5826 (fax)


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Welcome to the home page of Dr. Glen Spielmans. On this site, you can find information about Dr. Spielmans' research and teaching. In addition, there are resources for students (both at Metropolitan State and elsewhere) interested in graduate study in clinical or counseling psychology as well as a brief biographical sketch.

On the teaching page, you will find course syllabi, a listing of courses taught by Dr. Spielmans, and other class-related resources

To learn more about Dr. Spielmans' research, including his areas of interest, a list of completed projects, and links to abstracts of Dr. Spielmans' research, please see the main research page. A CV is also available on the research page.

For general information relevant to psychology students, both at Metropolitan State University and other institutions, please see the student resources page (currently under construction).

A brief biographical sketch is also available.

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