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Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Sample Learning Experiences

There are many life and work situations through which students may have acquired college-level learning, particularly if the experience has been supplemented by workshops, seminars, training sessions, reading, professional conferences and/or individual study. We encourage to explore prior learning assessment to see if it is right for you. Below we list examples of prior learning to help you to think about your own unique experiences. Taking Metro 100: Getting Credit for What You Know will help you to develop your prior.

Sample Learning Experiences | Predefined Topics for Evaluation

Below are examples of unique learning experiences that could be evaluated for credit.

Marketing: A student who designed an advertising campaign has basic marketing knowledge including knowledge of strategic planning, pricing, promotion, and legal and social issues related to consumerism.

Counseling: A student who has served as a counselor in a variety of paid and volunteer settings may have college-level learning in counseling if he or she has also done reading and attended training in the field.

Equal Employment/Affirmative Action: A student employed in the area of personnel management has become familiar with court rulings and government programs pertaining to equal employment opportunity, affirmative action and due process in hiring and firing.

State and Local Campaigning: A student who has been active in political campaigns and who has supplemented that experience with extensive reading and/or research may be able to demonstrate competency in elections and political campaigns or issues in state and local government.

Visual and Performing Arts: Many students have had extensive involvement in the visual and performing arts. These students have performed as actors, singers, dancers and musicians; they have created sculptures, painting, theatrical pieces or musical compositions; or they have research or analyzed history and styles of art and drama or the organizational structures of art museums and institutions.

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Predefined Topics for Evaluation

The following Prior Learning Competency Assessments (PLAs) were developed by faculty. They clearly demonstrate what a PLA encompasses. While you are encouraged to create a unique prior that is tailored to your indvidual learning experiences, you may complete one of these or use them as a guide in developing your prior.
Alcohol and Drug Counseling
Decision Science
Human Resource Management
Human Services
Human Services Administration
International Business
Information and Computer Sciences
Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice
Language and Literature
Montessori Primary Education
Religious Studies
Alcohol and Drug Counseling:
Communication in Work Groups Family Communication
Interpersonal Communication Interpersonal Communication in the Helping Professions
Public Relations Storytelling and Folklore
Computer Science:
  see Information and Computer Sciences
Decision Science:
Project Management
Reflective Teaching Introduction to Urban Teacher Education
American Past to 1865 American Past from 1865
American West Asian History
European History United States Economic Life - Business
Human Resource Management:
Employment Law International Human Resource Management
Human Services:
Behavior Modification Counseling Adults
Counseling and Interviewing Skills Counseling Theory
Counseling Theories and Techniques Crisis Intervention
Employment Counseling Family Counseling
General Chemical Dependency Group Counseling
Human Resource Development
Human Services Administration:
Human Services Administration - Supervision Program Evaluation
Research Methods  
Information and Computer Sciences:
Computer Organization and Architecture Database Management Systems
Internet Application Development Operating Systems
Object-Oriented Programming in Java Programming with Elementary Data Structures
Software Engineering  
International Business:
Doing Business in China Doing Business in Japan
International Business: Environment and Operations International Marketing
Language and Literature:
African-American Literature Survey American Literature Survey
Language and Society Norwegian
Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice:
Law Enforcement Critical Interviewing  
College Algebra  
International Marketing Marketing Principles of Marketing
Black and White Photography: Darkroom Photographic Principles and Concepts
Photography --
   Photography (evaluator 1)
   Photography (evaluator 2)
Professional Photography
Montessori Primary Education:
Cognitive Skills Development Creative Activities Development
Foundations of the Montessori Method Human Relations and Self-Awareness Among Young Children
Language Development Application of Knowledge: Observation Methods and Report Writing
Perceptual-motor Development Application of Knowledge/Practicum
Teaching Strategies and Social Development  
Art Therapy with Children Art Therapy and the Creative Process
Art Therapy with Illness  
Religious Studies:
Christian Scriptures (New Testament) Introduction to Religious Studies
Journalism News writing

Don't forget to obtain a Prior Evaluation Proposal Form! PDF