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Perspectives: Self Directed Learning PRSP 310T

Theory Seminar Diagnostic Test

Instructor: Daniel Abebe
Address: Metropolitan State University 700 East Seventh Street, St. Paul, MN 55106
Phone: (651)793-1777

Adult students who have engaged in one or more learning projects a year may be appropriate candidates to take this Theory Seminar.

CAUTION: This diagnostic test is to help you decide your appropriate action in choosing a course, a theory seminar or assessment of prior learning. Its results are not a predictor of your success, or lack of it. In particular, the diagnostic test is weighted more toward determining your practical and factual knowledge, rather than your theoretical and analytical knowledge. As a result, the theory seminar will attempt to supplement the theory you need, whereas a prior competency evaluation would presuppose the necessary theoretical components. Remember that the diagnostic test is not necessarily a part of the final examination and does not cover all you need to know for the final evaluation.

Student's Name_____________________________________Date__________________
Address___________________________________________Phone _________________


  1. State the kinds of learning projects or activities in which you have engaged yourself in the past 5 years and for which you have not received a college level credit. Give yourself 2 point for every project or learning activity (maximum 10 points)
  2. Define your role in initiating your learning experience. Give yourself 2 points for each (maximum 10 points).
    ___ Intern
    ___ Seminar participant
    ___ Volunteer
    ___ Activist
    ___ Other____________________________________
  3. In what context(s) have you gained your learning experience. Give yourself 1 point for each one of the following that applies (maximum 5 points)
    ___ At home
    ___ Outside the home
    ___ Overseas
    ___ In educational institutions
    ___ In work place
    ___ Neighborhood organizations
    ___ Others_____________________
  4. Identify the type of learning experiences in which you have engaged. Give yourself 1 point for each (maximum 5 points)
    ___ Home improvement
    ___ Parenting
    ___ Leadership
    ___ Technical Training
    ___ Business
    ___ Travel
    ___ Community Organizing/Community Development
    ___ Training and development
    ___ Other_________________
  5. Did your learning included extensive reading? If yes, give yourself 5 points. If your reading included theories about learning, give yourself 10 points.
  6. List any workshops, courses, seminars, conferences or similar learning activities on adult learning in which you have participated. Give yourself 2 points for each (maximum 10 points).



  7. Briefly describe the readings you have done on adult learning. Include materials you read once as well as materials you read regularly. Also, list movies and documentaries you have seen on the subject matter. Give yourself 2 points for each piece (maximum 10).




  8. Define the following terms. Give yourself 2 points for each definition.
    Self Directed Learning:







    Adult Learning


    Lifelong Learning:


  9. What, in your opinion, are the reasons for engaging in the learning experiences you have identified above? (maximum 5 points)







If the score you receive is below 30 points, you will want to consider taking a course designed to provide you some knowledge base on how to direct your life outside of the academic environment.

If your score is above 30 but below 75, you will find this theory seminar to be most appropriate to meet your educational needs.

If your score is above 75, you are encouraged to arrange for an assessment of prior learning by contacting Daniel Abebe at 651-793-1777 or at

If you decide to take this theory seminar, please return the completed diagnostic test to your instructor, Daniel Abebe who can be reached at Metropolitan State University, 700 East Seventh Street, St. Paul, MN 55106 or via e-mail at


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