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Theory Seminar Syllabus

Instructor: Marcia Anderson
Address: Metropolitan State University 1501 Hennepin Ave. Mpls, MN 55403
Phone: (612)659-7304

Competence Statement: Knows various theories of and approaches to the question "What does it mean to be an educated person?" well enough to integrate theories/approaches with one's personal views of education.

Objectives: When you successfully complete this theory seminar, you will be able to demonstrate the following knowledge and skills:

  1. Knowledge and concepts of and approaches to higher education and lifelong learning, including the history of expectations for college graduates and ways to achieve education and pursue learning all one's life.
  2. Knowledge of some of the major views on the question "What does it mean to be an educated person?" and the ability to express in writing your own views and values on the question.
  3. Increased understanding of some ways that social factors such as gender, social class and culture can affect one's experience of and views on education.
  4. Ability to reflect on, evaluate and critically design personal learning projects and plans, and ability to plan an Individualized Bachelor of Arts Degree at Metro State.

Required Readings:
Purchase in the bookstore before the first class session:

Handouts provided in class:

Seminar Schedule and Requirements:
Attendance is required at four seminar sessions (see Class Schedule for dates). Assignments will be due at each session (see below), and the seminar will be complete at the fourth session. Plans for Individualized Degrees will be due at the fourth session, and must be completed before credit will be awarded for the seminar.

Students should attend a Program Information Meeting for the First College/Individualized Planning before or during the semester they are enrolled for this seminar, for background on planning individualized degree programs. Students interested in evaluation of prior learning should attend either: 1) Metro 100, Getting Credit for What You Know, a one-credit course offered each semester, or 2) a Creative Learning Strategies Workshop, offered free at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters (see Class Schedule).

Pre-Seminar Assignments:

  1. Read: bell hooks article from "The Educated Reader", p.17.
  2. Write an "Educational Autobiography" of 2-3 pages. Include in this personal essay a description of some of your key educational experiences (formal or informal), an assessment of your current educational values and how they may have developed, and a description of some of the social factors that may have influenced your educational experiences. Social factors mean life circumstances based on one's social "location", that is, age or generation, gender, culture, social class, family experience or patterns of education, sexual identity, religious background, nationality, geographic location, etc. Be prepared to discuss your autobiography in class, and to relate it to a discussion of personal and public educational values.

Session One Topics:

Assignments for Session Two:

  1. Read: Assigned chapters in "The Educated Person Reader"
    Hand-outs: "Learning in Adulthood"; "A Brief History of the Liberal Arts"; Rodriguez: "Hunger of Memory" excerpt; McIntosh and McCarl Nielson readings.
  2. Begin log of public expectations for being educated.
  3. Do Journal Topic #s 2,3,5, 6,10 & 12.
  4. Choose topic for "New Perspectives on Education" assignment (see assignment sheet).
  5. Read the Educational Planning Workbook, and use the workbook to develop a first draft of your Degree Plan Packet for your First College Individualized Degree.

Session Two Topics:

Assignments for Session Three:

  1. Do Journal Topic #s 7,9,11 &14
  2. Revise draft of Individualized Degree Program packet, for content review and approval by instructor, at individual conference.

Assignments for Session Four:

  1. Complete final personal essay of your philosophy of education (see assignment sheet).
  2. Complete logs on what it means to be educated (expectations).
  3. Complete written report and oral presentation for the "New Perspectives in Education" assignment.
  4. Complete the Degree Plan Packet entirely, including "Major/Focus Declaration" sheet, and submit two complete, signed copies to the instructor (keeping a complete copy for you).

Session Four Topics:

Seminar Ground-rules:

Attendance: We have limited time together, so class attendance is expected at all four sessions. The individual appointment, Session Three, can be rescheduled if necessary.

Evaluation: According to Metro's policy, if you want a narrative evaluation in addition to a grade, you should have listed that on your registration, or you must inform me during the first seminar session. Evaluation will be based on:

Evaluation expectations are included in the instructions for each assignment.

Letter grades (A, A-, B+, etc.) will be given only on the New Perspectives Project and the final essay assignment. Other assignments will be given point scores.

The rating scale used for the final evaluation, with corresponding letter grades, will be the following: Excellent, good, adequate, partially adequate, inadequate.

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